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ISBN 978-0-9842132-0-7

Steganography is a method of encoding a secret message into a digital image.

The method, an integral part of the book Cincinnatus, renders the message visible only to those who know the message exists and have the key to decipher it.

Click here to download ImageHide 2.0, a steganography program that will allow you to find secret messages hidden throughout this site!

1. Download ImageHide a steganography program, by using the link above or clicking here.

2. Navigate to your download location on your computer and double click the ImageHide icon.

3. Right Click the image to the right and then select "Save Image As" (Firefox & Safari) or "Save Picture As" (internet explorer).

4. In the ImageHide program, click on "Load Image" in the top-left corner. Browse to the image you just saved and click "open".

5. Click "Read Data". The text hidden in the file will appear in the bottom box. You'll have to click onto the text and use your up and down buttons to scroll through and see all of the text.

Try the image above, if you find the text "You're a steganographer!" then you've got it!

You can find secret messages hidden in these 6 images. Use the instructions above to download.